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Interior designers and insurance

Why is Recommended to Have an Interior Designer Insurance

Offering full interior decorating services requires a lot energy, time, travels and involve potential risks relate to the occasional mistakes, business third party claims, property damages etc.

Interior designers and insurance

A successful designer has to know how to protect his business and reputation from occasionally mistakes and for this reasons I considered long time ago to cover my job and pay self with interior designer Business insurance.

Actually I started to benefit from Insurance since when I was a free-lancer and I honestly feel comfortable to have it.

The main reason is because working as Interior Designer I use to visit clients and I’m often in close touch with antique furniture, expensive accessories, Lighting, interior and exterior value objects with the potential risk to cause damages and receive eventual claims for clients.

When I choose my Insurance company for my business. One of the best resource I use to get information about insurance plan for interior designer is *www.insureon.com*.

A quality interior decorators insurance normally cover different situations in particular:

  • Professional liability coverage, also named (E&O) stands for Errors & Omissions insurance

With this coverage basically is possible protect your business from third-party claims, due to accidentally property damage or any professional situation where the client may be involved in a financial loss for mistakes during a design project.

This option offer the opportunity to get covered also from defense or legal cost if someone suit for professional mistakes or bad advices.

  • Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL)

In case of the interior designer works in a show floor or in a large offices could be beneficial to include a CGL insurance to cover any physically injury and general property damage that may occur during your work. If you work primarily from home this option is not really necessary

  • Property Insurance for Interior Designers

As the name explain it’s for situation with showroom where there is a risk of structure damages due to fire, smoke, theft, or vandalism again the property

  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

The majority of complaints conveyed are against interior design companies with employees. In the situation where an interior designer has employees, including an EPL insurance may be a very important to cover your business from various problems and litigation costs involved with any employees. In particular damages correlated with wrongful termination or discrimination lawsuits.

·      Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Interior Designers

Workers’ Compensation Insurance helps interior designers pay for medical expenses when an employee suffers from a work-related illness or injury. Check if your studio or environment presents any sort of no safe or no healthy area that may cause an employee to suffer from a work-related illness or injury. This insurance option helps interior designers pay for medical expenses.

To find more information or to compare different company insurance quote for interior designers, visit: http://www.netquote.com/business-insurance/interior-business-insurance.aspx

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Health and Interior Design responsability

Interior Designer and Health Environmental Responsibility

Considering that people in general pass most of their time in indoors spaces, the role of the interior design plays a significant responsibility to design functional spaces able to improve an healthy human interactions with the environments and in respect of their body.

Health and Interior Design responsability

Sustainability is an indispensible piece of the design attention in how to built quality space in indoor environment

Why include a green interior design is important for our health? How does it impact our life?

Few important characteristics an correct green interior design is the health effect in a day to day life. – The importance to design green indoor space for the occupants of a commune space, improve the emotional feeling with the space with positive health implications. Having a deep understand about toxin free materials and promoting system able to generate quality indoor air including water energy improves the positive energy of the space with active benefit in a daily life.

Understanding the health implications in designing large indoor space establishes value to the community and to the design service.

Green space and sustainability design both offer the opportunity for the society to benefit the harmony and the nontoxic and healthy environment, but also to cut-price of utility tariffs in the long term.

The list of positive benefits from a sustainable design on the environment are well palpable, especial in long term when the total cost will be reduced by the savings effect coming from the advantage to reduce the cost of energy and with the positive effect for families and people for a more healthy and safe environment.

In this article you can have a close view about the role of the interior design and how affect health and productivity and how set an green an sustainable project in the right way

The value of interiors in consideration of the social aspect the work especially for indoors design are not anymore based only just to create beautiful and efficient spaces. Today is becoming more and more important the necessity to create ides and design able to support communications and humanity, ecological health in a more creative and sustainability way.


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Interior Design School Education

Education and Requirements to become a Professional Interior Designer

Becoming a professional interior decorator is not a simple path. It requires a lot personal skills and dedication. It’s important to have an eye for esthetic, an intuitive sense of style and a aptitude to adapt space, with emotions creating harmony and feeling with the environment.

Interior Design School Education

A respectable interior designer first of all has a talent for picking up and setting up what is correct with the space that his is designing.

To have a effective interior design career, you will most likely need to have two years of art and design schooling to be able to get a certification, or even better get a interior design degree programs in one of the best universities or colleges in US. Here you can have a complete list of School and College In USA http://education-portal.com/articles/Top_Schools_for_Interior_Design.html

Interior design programs normally include, CAD software, history and furniture design, a lot of drawing exercise and architecture skills. Students may also need to take additional classes dedicated on different aspect of the design such as: Color Schemes, Textures, Home Decorating, Type of materials, and Classification of uses and model of design atmosphere. Offer an interior decorating services include also to have a fully understand about toxicity and flammability of materials apart from their nature of wear and tear and how they interact with different climate conditions.

Depending on the area but normally after graduating, an interior design need to start an apprenticeship period to be able to approach to a daily work together with professionals and experienced designers which gives them hands on experience that better prepares them for their future career.

In some states in the US, the figure of the interior designers, to be able to effectively work, it requires to become a certified or licensed Interior designer. This may include passing a complete and difficult test to that give access to the Interior National Design Council. .

In a competitive world such as today to become a successful design it’s important make a great portfolio and networking and build important job contacts. Make a great portfolio especially at the beginning is very important and normally requires a good amount of time to be ready to present it in a professional way. Then make sure you have respectable contacts. Experience and the right contact give the opportunity to see grow your work and your portfolio.

Become professional Interior designer At the beginning of the carrier is recommendable look for opportunity with large group of interior design companies that permit to have a large overview of projects and method and technology. Even if the payment could be small for the beginning as they gain more experience, after few years eventually you will feel more comfortable to open your own businesses.

It’s not so uncommon that Interior designers also work with architecture organizations, constructors, and real estate companies.

An important aspect to consider it’s also that design industry such as fashion and interior design are dynamic and always tends to change. This is probable one of the most important advice to succeed in this work to travel to find inspiration and new idea together with have always the pulse of the market and with the design industry.